@ Pink

Hi there!

My name is Sonia Roselli and I am a makeup artist in Chicago, IL. I also love all things pretty. I love to decorate, cook and of course makeup.

Since I always seem to be wanting to talk about non makeup things on my makeup blog, I thought it may be time for another blog, or journal if you will, of all the things I have come across over the years that I find inspiring.

I have a friend named Kendra who tells me that “Pink is a religion” and I think she is right. I am drawn to all things pink. Not girlie pink but grown up pink. While most of this blog will showcase beautiful things that have some sort of pink element to it, from time to time we will be peppering this journal with other things inspiring.

Since I have a HUGE data base of things I would like to show, there is no way I know where most of this stuff comes from. When I do have that information I will post it, if not and you see something that is yours, feel free to email me and I will be glad to credit you asap.

Get ready to go on your pink journey!!!!!




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